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We have our own processing facility in Vijayawada equipped with automated and standardized equipment. We process Corn Samosa, Corn Spring Rolls, Corn Patties, Corn Soups etc. and repacking of fresh corn and frozen green peas. These products are sold to caterers and to modern trade customers such as Spencer’s More, Reliance Fresh, Heritage Tanvi Foods (including Subsidiaries) Proprietary Trading Agro Commodities Dealing in Fresh Corn etc. Third Party Distribution (F&B) Third Party F&B Products Distribution Self Branded and Packaged F&B Preparation and distribution of branded products 'Frozen King' Brand Third Party Cold Storage / Warehousing Services Warehousing solutions in Telangana & AP Third Party Transportation Services Temperature controlled logistics Page | 86 Fresh, Wal-Mart, D-Mart and Metro Cash & Carry in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Also, we have recently expanded our reach and are supplying our own branded and packaged products to Metro Cash & Carry in the state of Karnataka.

Sweet Corn Samosa :

A delicious snack to compliment your evening tea. These light and crispy Indian veggie snacks make a great party bite.

Spring Roll

Spring Roll: A classic Chinese dish that is enjoyed by everyone, children in particular. We have given it a "corny" twist to this all-time favorite.

Corn Patties :

A delicious breaded patty of corn with a lovely blend of Indian spices, with a soft, almost-creamy interior and a crispy coating.

Green Peas :

Our whole green peas are of supreme quality, highly safe for consumption and go with variety of Indian and Global cuisines.


Our company is primarily engaged in trading of Fresh Corn. We procure Fresh Corn from farmers or through direct purchase from market or through tie-up from procurement agencies PAN India. We sell the same in local markets (mandi) in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Over the years we have developed expertise in estimating price trends as well as developed infrastructure and market goodwill for carrying out successful trading operations.


We offer temperature controlled freezing, distribution & logistics services under our brand Frozen King. We employ cutting edge technology such as GRS tracking & monitoring of vehicles. We are engaged into distribution activity for several branded frozen foods, milk products, ice-cream products and other cold preserved consumables in Hyderabad. We serve as local distributor for McCain Foods, IFB Sea foods, Switz Patties, D’lecta foods, Indo agro foods, Rakyan beverages and Haldirams. Our customers include supermarkets & Corporates in Hyderabad and surrounding regions.


Third Party Cold Storage /Warehousing Services We (along with our subsidiaries) operate cold storage facilities (with total approximate area of 8,278 sq. ft.) at Hyderabad and Vijayawada. We provide Cold Storage facility to large F&B companies such as Al-kabir, Fassos, Godrej ‘Nature’s Basket’ etc. Cold storage warehouses are on daily pallet rental basis and we have not entered any long term arrangement with any of our customers requiring cold storage warehousing. However; we have developed regular clientele in this business receiving regular business for more than 5 years. 5. Third Party Transportation Services In addition to cold storage warehousing, we provide cold storage logistics through our wholly owned subsidiary. We have dedicated fleets of 24 vehicles fitted with required cold storing facilities for transportation of F&B products PAN India. In addition to using these facilities for our in-house requirements of trading, distribution businesses; we also rent out these facilities to other parties on a per ton basis. We have not entered any long term arrangement with any of our customers requiring cold storage logistics, however we have developed clientele which provide regular business to us since the last few years.

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