Strengths in Distribution :

Mr. Shri Nagaveer, our Promoter and Managing Director, has over 14 years of entrepreneurial experience in Cold Chain & Food Processing industry. He is supported by experienced and well-qualified staff at senior and middle management levels. In the days of high employee turnover; 5 out of 8 key management personnel have been associated with the company for 3 years. This in house capability will help us scale in future.

  • Vast Experience in the field of CFA and Distribution of frozen and dry products.
  • In-house ware housing and logistics.
  • 15 years of experience in the distribution business with experienced marketing and sales staff.
  • Serves nearly 250 stores per week
  • Offers a full merchandising service to the chains and in most larger stores.
  • Market coverage is supplied with approximately 500 establishments directly and over 200 small stores indirectly.
  • Transportation fleet consists of 27 trucks which includes 19 frozen truck, and 8 vans which provide with our diverse distribution system.  Our fleets are equipped with GPS navigation systems linked to our central office.

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